Lemon & Coconut Oil

Morning … ☕️☕️ can’t believe it is Friday  again people  ! Happy Friday by the way 🙂

So… this is just a very quick blog while I am preparing to leave the house about my morning  ritual , My Wham Bam Thank You Mam Drink, that kick starts your  metabolism and gets those pounds shifting  this of course is my  concoction of the following … Continue reading


Cross Trainer Review

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Davina McCall Cross Trainer


So this is a blog reviewing the Davina McCall Cross Trainer, I bought my cross trainer by Davina McCall from Argos it cost me £129.99 and thought that was a good price however its now gone down in price at the moment to a brilliant £99.99 which is impressive.

While this is pleasing to the eye sporting pink and white with girly Davina McCall writing on it, it is suitable for any gender as long as your under the  15st 10lb maximum weight.

Its self assemble which actually wasn’t to bad but did take two people to put together so don’t try to do it on your own otherwise you might find it difficult.

Its features consist of :

  1. Magnetic Braking System,
  2. Transportation wheels to move it around with ease,
  3. Large non-slip foot plates,
  4. High quality rubber belt for durability,
  5. Manuel resistance system (to make you work harder)
  6. Console feedback including: Hand pulse, scan, time, speed, distance and calories used.
  7. 8 level tension control,
  8. 4kg flywheel,
  9. 12 inch stride length.

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Hourglass issues!!


Hourglass Issues!!- Imagine putting a jumper on this & still expecting to have shape!

So many of us long for bigger boobs, smaller boobs , Flatter stomach, smaller thighs, thinner arms, bigger arms. To be taller in height or shorter in height. I dont think it matters what we are born with, we all dislike bits and bobs of ourselves and would happily change parts of our bodies not necessarily to impress anyone else, but make ourselves happier.

Lots of people blame the Media and Photoshop for these issues we have with our bodies, I don’t think they help! however I don’t believe the blame lies solely at their door.

I think that even before Photoshop and the size 0 was the prefered media choice, there was still body issues for girls and boys. For example the girl down the road had bigger boobs or nicer hair or flatter stomach. Plus the lad down the road had more muscles, or was taller or had bigger manhood.

We have many different body shapes and types and I am apparently  ‘Blessed’ with an hourglass figure, we are told that every girl dreams of having big boobs and a small waist! so the Hourglass is the preferred shape for a womans body. Continue reading