The Show Must Go On ….

So…. hey all – hope you are all well , sorry its been ages since I posted last ..Once you have read this blog, you might understand a little as to why its taken me forever to post..

I have had a lot of decisions to make recently some good, some not so good … However as my title reads ‘The Show Must Go On’ as you may know this is a song title from the one and only ‘Queen‘  and my goodness weren’t they right..

So many things happen in life that we don’t expect, it is one of those things where you can choose to fight and win, or you can not fight and loose.

But there of course is one other option – Fight your bloody hardest and still lose, previously for me this would never be an option (stay with me)..

Sadly I have faced some battles like most people, but I am not a quitter in any way.

Personally I have never understood why people give up on their dreams and why they wouldn’t fight for them.. but do you know what, the older I get I have started to realise that even if you fight your god dam hardest, sometimes you can still not achieve what you’re hoping for . Stay with me … there is a point …

This is probably feels the worst type of loss – because you feel hard done by,  broken and angry as to why life has turned out this way for you.

But this is what I want you to see when you look at your situation –


Sometimes life can be tough and the unexpected can knock you off your feet.

But my advice to you would be to .. get up .. dust yourself off and crack on ..

After all is there really a loosing situation?

Maybe life just wasn’t meant to go down that path for you ..

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Fat People Do Shop As well! 



So hey all, today’s blog post is based on a conversation and situation, I had with my step daughter Beth who is Blogger from Practically Pint Sized  most of you probably know her, now Beth like me tends to not pull any punches, we were wandering around Primark and it seemed everywhere we turned a girl was staring at Beth whilst she was shopping!

If I am honest I didn’t notice at first as the older you get, you tend not to pay attention to the female of the species, typical evil looks …. (All I see and hear in my head when I say that is Mat Lucas dressed in a track suit saying “Don’t you be giving me evillllssssss”) LOL anyway I digress..

Beth suddenly came out with the sentence, saying it straight to the girl,

“Yes that’s right, Fat people do shop aswell” the girl pretty much ran off in the opposite direction realising that she had been caught staring at Beth in a disrespectful way .

I looked at Beth and laughed, she is funny. She says it, how she sees it most of the time!

However after coming away from that situation it’s started to bother me slightly, Why is it that other girls who are so body conscious themselves, stare at others to judge and ridicule them? Should people who are slightly over weight not go clothes shopping? or oooh another massive example…

when seeing an overweight person in say Mcdonalds, you can see people saying to one another:

“I wonder if they have left any food for us?” laughing

( And yes sadly I have heard that bollocks before much to my dissapointment)

Dont we all have things on our bodies that we don’t like? I know I do! in fact I could write a list about the things on my body that I dont like, and probably if I had the money would get some kind of cosmetic surgery to “fix” it even if others couldn’t see what I could.

Its strange isn’t it how much we judge ourselves, hate ourselves and wish we had something that we don’t. But the funny thing is, I want everyone to remember that we ALL however we look, have something we would love to change about ourselves.

Now I am not sure if this comes from the media, I think perhaps it does to a certain extent of course .. but with this example in mind I beleve.. it also comes from each other !!!

Just like this girl judging Beth for being a slightly larger frame, whilst she herself was not! We can’t blame the media if we are happy to judge each other by the same standards the media does, I am wrong?  Let’s face it, by acting in such a way, is what allows the media to win this war of what looks ok and what doesn’t. what is acceptable! and what isn’t! And that a girl or boy has to look a certain way, in this society to be accepted. Or be part of the “Populars” as my son calls them.

Now ok we all like what we like and that’s ok, but do we have the right to push our ideals onto to someone else!  NO I don’t think so ..

So with that in mind, maybe we should stop judging and start living in this world being accepting of everyone!

The next time you see someone that doesnt fit your ideals, who cares and who are you to judge? Equality is key, everyone deserves to be loved regardless of their size, colour, sexuality, gender. I could go on but I am sure you get the jist.

So on that note….

Until the next blog post ,

Em xxx


Your Opinion is Wrong !

So … Hey all, I hope you are well 🙂 I start today’s blog post with a controversial title…

Many of us would be shocked if we were told categorically that our opinion was wrong and that we should shut our mouths etc …

I am surprised that people feel they have the right to make that bold statement, because regardless if we agree with someone or not, or if we have strong views on a certain topic or not do we have the right to curse, shout and ridicule someone for having different opinion to ourselves …. I don’t think so !

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The Art Of Just Not Giving A Crap!

Hey all hope your well thanks for joining me, reading my slightly controversial blog post today..

So, This is about a topic that I wish I had known when I was around the ages of 11 to 15 and life would have been much simpler ! The Art Of Just Not Giving A Crap …. So I will go on to elaborate..

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Blogger Recognition Award!

So It’s fabulous to be recognized for all of your ‘#Blogging Waffle’ as I like to call it!

As lets face it Blogging really isn’t the easiest of hobbies or jobs in the world and you have to love it as its so time-consuming, not that I am complaining of course it’s just not for the faint hearted.


blogger award

Ok so…   
What is the Award about ?
The Blogger Recognition Award is given to bloggers by fellow bloggers as a way to recognize and appreciate all of the hard work and talent that goes into their websites and blogs.

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No Little Violins Here Please!!!

So… I will be honest, its taken me a while sitting looking at my computer screen deciding how to start todays blog, I was considering apologising for going in a slightly different direction to my usual blog posts however I am not going to apologise. I am hoping you will all read on with a positive frame of mind and be open minded even if its just for a short space of time while reading this! So todays Blog is going to be on an very important subject to me . The Autistic Spectrum , there we go I have said it …. the dreaded words, now if this isn’t your cup of tea, I please urge you just to bare with me for a second, this isn’t a woe is me, negatively written about how my life’s so hard! Or my poor children have it so bad (little violins) kind of post…  Continue reading

The Academic V’s The Creative type! 


So…  I don’t know about you, but I am a creative type and would spend most of my life buried into something which captures my creative attention ! I am a photographer by trade but this still isn’t enough for my creative brain to stop there I get bored unless my brain is tested with practical and creative projects.

Many times as a child I heard the words “well your not the academic one are you” this wasn’t a question however it was a statement ! As much as this didn’t please me at all, it also probably had a deeper affect on me then I ever realised growing up into my adult years.. felt that the academic things weren’t my forte.. but I have come to the conclusion that even though isn’t the case, and that I am much more academically clever then I or anyone else for that matter ever gave me credit for, I am actually fine with being the ” not the academic one” after all  !

I like being creative, I excel at being creative and I achevie at being creative! How is that a bad thing?

Who says being academic is the better way to be anyway? Nearly all my friends that weren’t classed as academic students now run their own businesses, fantastically may I add .  Continue reading

Jaz Aquaviva – Egypt


So… as promised in my last blog I’m Back!! Apologies for being late…., is my new blog


Swim Up Room Pool-Photography by Kasper

about Jaz Aquaviva hotel in Egypt our last holiday destination, which I have to say excelled in our expectations .

We went in March this year (2017), just before the Easter holidays we went for a nice 11 night break. We took the kids out of school for five days,  (Naughty Naughty) however I will say I am so glad we did, the difference in price just doing our holiday five days before the Easter holidays was outrageous, would you believe it was £1000 cheaper for the six of us to go, don’t get me wrong it was very reasonably priced All inclusive holiday anyway but that’s a joke and they wonder why people take their children out of school! After all we all deserve a break, right?

However I digress, our holiday started at a hotel at Gatwick airport the night before we were so excited , the kids hadn’t been abroad before so this was a new experience for them. File 25-04-2017, 20 03 15

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So.. Pokemon Go -Good or Bad?


So I know many of you may feel kids stick their heads into to many games via their handheld technology devices.

After hearing many complain about kids nowadays with their phones, Adults feeling that their children are ignoring the world around them as they are too busy focusing on the unrealistic that is in front of their eyes, rather than the beautiful world which surrounds them. Continue reading