Sorry for the Pause ! 

So just an update, as many of you know last week I  had, my hopefully (cross fingers) very last big wrist operation  . 

So due to this I am abit tired so haven’t written a blog for a few weeks apologies for that . 

I will be back to it in the next couple of weeks just having a breather whilst healing. 

Until the next blog 

Em x 


So… Hey BlogLovin 👏🏻

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So .. Here’s just a quick blog to update  you all to let you know I am now also on Blog LovinFollow my blog with Bloglovin so not only can you find me at my Blog Address but you can also follow my blog and other blogs all in the same place .. Hooray 😁 .

I am preparing some new great blogs posts and will be posted over the next few days keep your eyes 👀 peeled:)

thanks for reading

Em xx

I’m Back!!! Apologies for being late….


Wrist  Surgery

So…  Many of you have been contacting me, asking me when I will be writing my blog again ?

I would just like to start by apologising to you all and explain why I have been away for such a long time, as you are aware I have had serious surgery on my wrist and its taken a while to regain full use of it. So while my body was fixing itself, I took time out to decide where I wanted to take my blog now.

I have had a chance to come up with a list of topics I want to write about including Reviews , Interiors , Art,  Interviews, Design, Thoughts, Animals, Beauty, Style, the list goes on..

My next up and coming blog is going to be about my trip to Egypt, if you like blogs about travel this might be right up your street.

So until the next then..

Thanks for reading 🙂

Em xx




What’s Happened to Our NHS?


So here’s a blog about our  NHS(National Health Service). We have always been known by other countries to be lucky in the UK for having such an amazing Heath Service which supports us financially for our health treatment, believe me I am fully aware of what our NHS does for us and I am grateful everyday for this service , I feel very lucky for my family to be protected by such a service without getting a huge bill at the end of it.

However I am starting to feel slightly uneasy about what has happening to it. Continue reading