Blogger Recognition Award!

So It’s fabulous to be recognized for all of your ‘#Blogging Waffle’ as I like to call it!

As lets face it Blogging really isn’t the easiest of hobbies or jobs in the world and you have to love it as its so time-consuming, not that I am complaining of course it’s just not for the faint hearted.


blogger award

Ok so…   
What is the Award about ?
The Blogger Recognition Award is given to bloggers by fellow bloggers as a way to recognize and appreciate all of the hard work and talent that goes into their websites and blogs.

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Are you Materialistic?- I think that’s a Yes!



So …. Have you ever realised how in our life, the material things we own becomes a Must rather than a Privilege and something you can’t live without ?

I  in conversations in the past about money, forever heard myself saying …

“I am certainly NOT Materialistic – I  have never been or never would be! If I won the lottery ( Millions of Pounds) I would still shop in cheap places, getting value for money

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How To Pack!!


So… while planning for my holiday in the sun, the usual dilemma was occurring, what to pack? how to pack? how to keep it within the 20kg?  All these things are feared by the majority before a vacation.

Until now that is, Anyone with a computer or device can now research online pretty much anything about anything nowadays.

I feel the main problem areas whilst trying to look stylish on holiday is packing enough clothes, shoes and accessories to look different everyday, with limited space and weight restrictions at the airport.

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