Your Opinion is Wrong !

So … Hey all, I hope you are well 🙂 I start today’s blog post with a controversial title…

Many of us would be shocked if we were told categorically that our opinion was wrong and that we should shut our mouths etc …

I am surprised that people feel they have the right to make that bold statement, because regardless if we agree with someone or not, or if we have strong views on a certain topic or not do we have the right to curse, shout and ridicule someone for having different opinion to ourselves …. I don’t think so !

This blog post comes from the fact that I have upset someone I know, with a previous blog post I have written.

To be honest she made some valid points in her argument to a certain extent, which I hadn’t even thought about from her perspective .

Now I love being a woman, I am proud to be a woman and have respect for myself and all other women around me …

But I wouldn’t say I am a feminist, not that there’s anything wrong with a feminist but personally I just don’t feel strongly about a lot of stuff that feminists do.

Do you know what.. I AM OK WITH THAT ! I feel everyone is entitled to their opinion whatever it maybe ! I feel that if people don’t agree with what I write, that is 100% fine and in no way am I offended by that, I have respect for others opinion and regardless of whether we agree or not ! I like the fact we are all different and different things matter to us. Lets face if we where all the same the world would be a boring place.

I will never not be friends with you if we have a difference of opinion – I might say ok well I don’t agree … however I don’t have to and neither do you with me!!

My Offensive Statement – She stated that my blog post was  “Vile and Disrespectful”   now I wrote 10 Ways To Win Your Man   in Jest really, maybe I thought people would understand that, but then I suppose not everyone knows my sense of humour and maybe I should make it more obvious… However I did rhyme the first paragraph:

Shave your pits and wash your bits” so I thought people would realise it was mainly a in jest post, but how wrong could I be… we are surrounded by media that tells us what to do, think , say and I suppose being in poor taste I just jumped on the band wagon of lets add this to my Lifestyle Blog LOL, as it’s something that a lot of  girls read and like plus all the magazines do it !!! – maybe this is where I made a mistake, So I wrote the blog post from my perspective but that’s all we can do in our own blogs isn’t it? Write things from our perspective.

Now I am not going to apologise for the way I write as such,as I am an independent/freelance blogger and  as I have stated previously in other blog posts that I am quite straight talking! Stating this doesn’t make me always right, However I will be honest I never say things to purposely upset people that’s not what I am about.

Plus I will apologise for upsetting anyone with my maybe non PC demeanor at times, I struggle to always be PC in every situation, especially when it’s not something I feel strongly about!  I feel you can’t please everyone all of the time, if we wrote with that in mind our blogs would become so Politically Correct, we would never have content to write about as we would always worry about upsetting someone somewhere. There are so many things you SHOULD NOT  write about to PC, in case you offend someone, so where is the line? is there a line or is that the point of writing for yourself after all know one has to read what you write, it’s a choice.

I also don’t want to have someone telling me that I am judgemental while they are judging me for my opinion!  Isn’t that then becoming hypocritical? 

What I would love, is that people feel that they are allowed an opinion with no judgement!!! We are all individuals doesn’t make anyone right or wrong!!! we are just different and that my friends is fine for me !!

I was talking to a friend today, I stated that I am certainly not perfect! I can be a hypocrite at times but then I don’t ever labour under the misapprehension that I am perfect in any way LOL.

I was saying that I am meat-eater that could never kill my own animals to eat …does this makes me a massive hypocrite? Yes I believe it does, its like if I cant see it then it doesn’t affect me.. would I be a vegetarian if I had to kill my own food … Yes I would but I don’t think I am alone there. I think we do bury our heads sometimes and when vegans, vegetarians or PETA members put videos on Facebook for people to see defenceless  animals being slaughtered, to try to convince people not to eat meat anymore… I do almost cry and shoot past it because I don’t want to see it! SO YES I CAN BE A HYPOCRITE! It does not make me proud, but I think it does make me human.

I will never judge you for your own opinion, I will never judge you for anything really … If you’re a boy who wants to wear a dress, then fair play! If you are a girl who hates girls clothes then you are who you are it doesn’t matter.

If you are Gay, Straight , Bisexual, Feminist, Non feminist the list goes on and on I will not judge you!

So …. I don’t like body hair ! but that is my opinion – it doesn’t have to be yours!

Maybe my posts are a bit insensitive sometimes, but does not mean that I don’t have respect for you! It just means that sometimes I am just talking about my opinion.

It just means that maybe once again I have waffled on in my own Blog Post and maybe haven’t been as PC as I could have been.

However there is one thing that I will state, that I believe that everyone should go by which is the following…..


Don’t feel you have to change who you are to suit or fit in! Don’t feel you have to alter your opinions to make others happy or always be PC, because we are all allowed an opinion. And we certainly do not all have to agree!

Also don’t take other people’s opinions offensively because they are just one person in the whole world and if their opinion is different to yours then that’s ok!

All I can say is that maybe try to be understanding of others, apologise if you offend if you didn’t mean to,  however be who you are and don’t apologise for that!

If everyone accepted each other as individuals then maybe the world would be an easier place to live.


Until the Next Blog Post

Big Love To All My Fellow Human Beings

Em xxxxxx


**These are My Opinions**


**  My Opinions Only  ** 




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