The Ultimate Shopping List …

So how are you all,  I cant believe how busy my life is right now so sorry for the lack of blog posts soon to be better I promise.

So ..Today I am going to talk to you all about my sort of fashion .

I like alot of stuff that many people don’t, for those people who know me well, they will know that my sense of fashion & style is quite different! – I am sort of rock/biker chic, however when I say that I dont mean I wear metallica t-shirts etc

It’s more like, I like shiny material PVC, Vinyl and Leather with large heeled boots, I have dark hair, wear dark Make Up and to be honest majority of my clothes are black! But please don’t think for one minute that I am Gothic, as that’s not my thing either.

Up until this weekend I have never really looked at MissGuided I after seeing what I have seen I can’t understand why I haven’t …. I typed in to the search bar – Vinyl and wow I was in my element.

I think to a certain extent I have my mum in the back of my head saying you’re 35 now Emma wear sensible clothes, but I cant help the rock chic/ biker (without a bike ) look is just my thing. I am sure I will still be wearing in my 70’s, with my tattoos on my wrinkly skin on show, but do you know what!  who cares – I am what I am, it’s not likely to change now anyway life is too short isn’t it?

I have always liked to be different, all the girls would be around me wearing pretty floral dresses and I would be in a tux jacket, tux shirt and bow tie at the top and then leather trousers and killer heels at the bottom.

I am sure that really, I should have been an eccentric fashion designer creating random fashion and charging a fortune for it, this side of me just seems to be in built … when I try to be normal, wearing colourful clothes I just feel uncomfortable a bit like a yummy mummy, ha ha  which certainly isn’t my style !!

You have probably seen in my blog photo, I have a striped shirt on which is lovely but that is probably the only colourful thing I have well that I would wear out anyway.

When I am on a night out the smokey eye make up is on, the leather is out and my tattoos are on show, my friends and I go out dancing like we dont care, now we are older it’s so much more fun than it used to be. we know longer are trying to be cool in front of the boys we just wear what we want, dance like prats and enjoy a night out …. well until the hangover thats horrendous at 35..

Right so onto  ….

My – Ultimate Shopping List – from Missguided – Click the link below

The Ultimate Shopping List – Missguided – Durrant’s Divulging Pinterest !

Once you click on the link above it will take you to My Pinterest opening on a separate page, this will show you the images of my favorites and the links where to purchase them!

Enjoy your browsing and remember…

There maybe a Biker/Rock Chic inside of you, you will never know until you give it a try whatever your age, life is too short :).

Thanks for reading until the next time.


Durrant’s Divulging 


**** These are my opinions and my opinions only **** images saved on Pinterest are from the Missguided website, I have not been paid for this blog***



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