10 Ways to Win your Man 


So ….. I know that every  Feminist out there will want to start chucking stuff at me for this post, possibly along with aggressive chanting about how much we as strong independent women dont need a man in our lives to be complete! to a certain point I agree it’s not that we NEED a man its that for the majority of us we just Want one.


However I am going to do it anyway, it can be quite amusing uncovering the little dark secrets that I have learnt over the years now I am 35 (with a sad face) years OLD.


So here is the  10 Ways to Win your Man 


1. Shave your Pits and Wash your BitsNow this goes without saying right!!  well apparently not according to some girls…. “What?” I hear you say ?  Exactly my opinion to … I cant understand this!  If you aren’t  fresh, clean and  nasty smell free, how do you expect him to want to come near you? who are these girls ?




2. Like Sport & Drink AlcoholI  am very lucky in the fact that I love most sports and I am happy to watch sport on the tv, ok so maybe not all the time, however the next time the big game is on say..“Yeah thats cool, fancy a beer?”  





3.Dress Up : Ok so not all the time, some days you can kick back in your comfies and relax on the sofa without doing your makeup , most men like that to- However please dont fall into the misconception that a man isnt bothered what you look like because my friend you are very much mistaken if you think that attraction isn’t based on what you look like or how you present yourself. So girlfriend take care of yourself !underwear-689862_1920




4. Smile and Laugh: now this is quite an important one, the male of the species hate grumpy naggy women, the best thing to do is not let their annoying habits get to you, (laughing out loud) ok so this isn’t always possible, but try your hardest to laugh things off, he will love you for it.


adult-1867757_1920.jpg5.Don’t be a Bunny Boiler: Ok so are you jealous? let me ask you this question… Why are you ? is it because of how you feel about yourself? …. if so that is not his fault! If you want to win your man .. don’t be a stalker by checking your find a iPhone App! or following him … come on girls have more confidence in yourself… after all if someone is going to cheat they are going to cheat … regardless of who you are!  Be relaxed and take it all in your stride, if you come across as a bunny boiler you will never win your man!


6. Be Mates with his Mates: Always make sure you get on with his mates, he won’t want to be torn between you, so don’t make him.. Get on with his friends laugh, have fun … but don’t flirt as he then will start to resent your friendship.


7. Don’t be a Prude: Ok so I am not saying you have to take it up the.. (Urrmmmm Somewhere you don’t want to!)… but I am saying experiment in bed.. Some might say to me, well this shouldn’t be away to get your man… but come on girls this is the 21st century and let’s face it, most of us try before we buy nowadays!(sorry mum lol) Please don’t feel I am in anyway telling you how to run your sex life.. but most men like abit of spice.. most women do to, to be honest! So if you’re partial to a sex toy or sexy outfit to spice things up go for it ! I am sure you will find he loves it and will definitely be back for more. sex-2398037_1920


 8.Don’t Drop Everything: Ok so I know you want to spend time getting to know this new man thats appeared in your life, but please don’t drop your mates or try and make him drop his.. This is an important lesson to learn! He will always want friend time, he needs to blow off steam with his male friends and have male banter.. And so should you with your girl mates! It also is healthy to have time apart whatever stage of a relationship, you will drown each other if you don’t and it will become stale very quickly and he will disappear if you don’t.



9. Make Eye Contact: One way to make a man feel excited is if you make eye contact, he might have never thought about it before but if a pretty girl is making eye contact it comes across as if she has confidence, and knows what she wants, men love this and I can guarantee that he will be yours quicker than you know.




10.Make an Effort: Ok so last but not least … The Dating game is not an easy one, so don’t just do the boring meal out or cinema were you cant even talk to each other, find out what he likes and suggest doing stuff that he will enjoy, surprise him! There is one thing I will say here however.. Please DONT do something you hate as when you get a bit settled and are no longer in the honeymoon period (even though I would advise to always to try in your relationship even past the honeymoon period) you don’t want to say you enjoy something which you actually do not as this will have disastrous consequences and could be reason to fall out in the future.. Be honest but have fun that’s the point in a relationship after all isnt it?





Hope these tips help you Win your Man, make sure you follow them all …

And remember stay safe…

Until the next time


new profile pic




**** I am not a professional these are my opinions and life experiences only  – Today’s Photos have come from Pixabay******









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