How To… Bring Your Game Face!

So…. I just want you to stop what your doing for one moment and have a think about how life is for you ..

  • Are you fed up with feeling like your not getting on in the world?
  • Your job is less then impressive?
  • Your love life needs a kick up the backside ?
  • Or you look around and suddenly realise your friends are achieving much more then you ?

Have you said “Yes” to any of those bullet points … If not then well done and good for you! If you have then never fear I am going to teach you how to ‘Bring Your Game Face’ in a few easy steps …




Life’s  a Gamble – Embrace it!

  1.  Have Respect For Yourself! – Now come on guys if you are constantly putting yourself downfeeling like you cant do something then lets face it you probably never will! I would say that 99.9% of people who achieve in life don’t have that attitude its all about the #Positive #Mental #Attitude  
  2. Speak Your Mind! – Ok so you need to be careful here, as this can be like treading on thin ice. Being too opinionated can have the adverse effect of what your trying to achieve. So Stop, Think and Deliver with thoughtful detail and reason, after all you need to show you are a strong character that knows what they want in life whether its in a job or in a relationship be honest and you will get more respect back in doing so.
  3. Don’t Adhere to Peer Pressure!- Be strong, have your own views don’t follow a crowd, if its in a working environment don’t be stubborn, but explain why you feel your ideas are the better ones – make sure you know what your talking about or you might fall flat on your face.
  4. Do Research!- Work – Make sure like I stated above that you know what your talking about. Find out the facts, show your ideas and why they will work or why they are the way to go, obviously this is difficult to give an exact example as it depends what your researching and why, However just remember the more information you can give to someone the more professional you look. Relationship- If you want to give your love life a kick up the posterior! then why not try and research some helpful hints, Maybe type into google – Great things to do on a date , How to have a romantic night in on the cheap, or How to surprise your partner with something exciting. The internet is a wonderful thing so use it!
  5. Be Liked- Its important to be liked because if your not then you will find life much harder, going forward. Share a life experience – make sure you come across like a human being, that you know how to have fun and that you aren’t always a Boss! People feel more at ease with someone who laughs as well – Remember all work and no play makes you a dull girl! 
  6. Admit Your Not Perfect- This is an important attribute to have, this shows you are only human and aren’t afraid of saying “Ok, I got that wrong!” however if your trying to impress always make sure you have a back up plan, for example – “Ok so that idea didn’t work , however this one will” this shows you can admit your mistakes but also can amend them. In a relationship its always important to admit when your wrong and say sorry that will keep your relationship on track make your partner feel happier.
  7. Wow In That Interview- Now pretty much all of these tips in this blog you can use in an interview situation, but one huge one is be professional, explain what experience you have without showing off or being cocky , explain your skill set and how long you have been in the business area for, if you haven’t- talk about why you think your skills would be suited to the position your applying for.
  8. Demonstrate Good Leadership Skills- If you are in charge of a team, then show them encouragement, show how much you appreciate their hard work and what valuable asset they are to your team- remember there is no ‘I’ in team, even if you are the leader they couldn’t do without, remember without the team all the hard work would solely be on your shoulders.
  9. Smile- Everyone likes someone who smiles, it makes you approachable and easier to talk to, smiling is well known for lifting your mood and the others around you, it will boost morale and lift your team Or partner, smiling is a very important thing to have in an office environment or relationship so get that grumpy look off your face!
  10. Be Your Own Person- Last but certainly not least ‘Be Your Own Person’ whether your a boss or someone’s partner make sure you be yourself – learn how to appreciate yourself . Give yourself the self love you need… for example – Dress how you like, have the hair colour you like, if you want tattoos get them it can be anything, but whatever it is be yourself not what your expected to be. Ok so I appreciate you may have to dress appropriately for your environment but it doesn’t mean you cant be you, in doing so, if you like colour pop in a bright coloured scarf or tie, sounds stupid but even the smallest of things can give you the confidence you need to ‘Bring Your Game Face’ being true to ones self is very important, pretending to be something your not will only end in failure.

Remember everyone has the potential to succeed, who ever they are or in whatever they choose! Its not the Challenge in itself, But its How you take on the Challenge that matters !

#Positive #Mental #Attitude

You Are Now Ready To Show Your

Game Face!!



Don’t Just Be A Pawn In The Game – Be The GAME



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